13 July 2006


Today the school has invited a lecturer to give talk about Moral education, a subject I hate.

The lecturer suppose to make the students become more clear how to answer the question, but eventually everyone's confuse. The students and the teachers. What the lecturer told us is almost opposite what the school teacher thought.
While the seminar is still going on, some students consult our Moral teacher, and the answer we got from the teacher is follow the lecturer.
What the crap? Now I'm very blur, I dunno I should follow the teacher's method or follow the lecturer's method. Examples....

  • Sila nyatakan nilai-nilai yang sesuai bagi pernyataan berikut:

    XXX & YYY represents the moral value we should answer.

    Teacher's answer:

    Lecturer's answer:
    Nilai yang sesuai bagi pernyataan berikut adalah XXX dan YYY

    First confusion. Students dunno which format they will use in the exam. Teacher's answer is simple and the lecturer's answer is a little too much.

  • In the essay part, students are being thought to write the essay in seperated paragraphs for each moral value, but the lecturer suggested write the essay just in 1 paragraph, means we'll have to squeeze everything in just 1 paragraph.
    The school teacher told us to follow what the lecturer says, so we're still confuse whether we'll write in seperated paragraphs or just in a paragraph, one shot write everything.

  • Stupid subjects always have stupid problems to be solved.
    Conclusion, Moral is so stupid to be studied in this way!!

    Today skipped Chemistry lesson to finalize the school magazine stuff. There might be a few problems with the contact sheet, but no big deal. Luckily today's Chemistry class is just discussions and no experiments.

    I feel sleepy today, after having a little ill last night. Maybe the medicine I ate is still affecting me? I look like half-dead at the earlier hours in the school, I end up sleeping in the Physic class.

    Started to feel the pressure for SPM. It's just about 100++ days to go before the exam starts...

    P/S: 2 useful files to study moron, aka Moral. It's a stupid subject but heck, still have to study for the sake of exam.
    Both files are in PDF(Adobe Acrobat) format
    Form 4
    Form 5


    1. It is indeed the worse subject and we have to answer it in the worse way possible. I think the trick is just to memorize all nilais by heart and splurt it out writing everything you have in mind during the exams.

      It works, at least i manage a 1A. =p

      How's life lately? Good?

    2. The lecturer's answer is correct as far as I know.

      Disclaimer: I got only a A2 in my SPM Pendidikan Moral last year.

    3. i am a muslim so i dont take moral...luckily...for me.moral should be easy but those in pendidikan ...they dont know how to make students "mempunyai nilai-nilai moral"...so they make the exam so hard as if the students are taking a phD degree.