14 June 2006

Title? No idea!

Mr moon/banana sleeping.

Looks like I'm lack of idea to think of a suitable title today. Having not enough sleep causes negative effects on a person, and I'm suffering from the effect right now.

Arghh.... ystrdy have to sacrifice watch World Cup to finish my homework and then off to bed. Luckily, I can sleep soundly last night. But then it's stil not enough for me.... 7 hours lying on the bed like dead man.

Heard a classmate of mine lost RM 9 from betting. He chose France will win the game but in the end it's just a draw game. Funnily, the bookie is actually another classmate who's just sitting so close to him. Ironic...

Right, so having Biology experiment today.
Everyone are born from different variations of genetics, that's what I learnt today. Talk about common sense huh.

The rest of the lessons after recess are boring. Ms Siah's back from her course but she havent give back our English papers.

I was "shot" badly when Haniza steps into my class for BM lesson. She says I'm stil weak in essay-writing and want to have an additional class. I was, WTF?!? After compare to the points she gave, I dont really think I did so badly in the essay-writing, but stil I'm suspense because I dunno what do I get for my BM essay. She havent give back the papers, yet.
Gee.... I dunno when we'll get back our paper. She has bad records for delaying exam papers and also losing exam papers.

I'm stil very tired now.... Tomorrow have to struggle til 5.30pm, I guess have to sacrifice to watch Spain VS Ukraine today. :(

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