13 June 2006


I'm struggling every night these few days, I'm very tired but I just cant fall into sleep like everyone else does. Ystrdy night, I went to bed 11.30pm, but couldnt sleep til 1.30am. I have to take "music-therapy" from my mp3 player to put myself asleep.

This morning's having headache when wake up.... dunno how I can goto school like this. Thankfully, everything went well after I reach school. 2nd day father send me to school, tomororw have to follow the teacher's car again to school.

Funny order from Ms Hiew, she asked us monitors to wear the red tie from tomorrow onwards or she'll withraw our service cert at the end of the year. Yawn... hate wearing the red tie, reminds me of primary school prefect. I prefer PP's yellowish tie though.

To my suprise, I did quite well for my Chinese and Bio paper. Although I came close to an A, stil I'm confident I can do better in the REAL exam. Modern Math? Well I wondered if I've improved or not. This year the teacher 3A's really mess up everything in Math.

Heard tommorow we're having another Bio experiment, about Variations. When I heard of that, I think of Maksim's 2nd album, "Variations". Heh.

After recess, lots of free time, manage to take a quick nap that time, but too bad was disturbed by someone else in the class. Oh well....

Having computer class after school, but funny the class was forced to cancel because of electricity problem. I'm lucky to finish all the assignments in time. Those sitting besides me will know how crazy when I type the codes.... I'm rushing.

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