29 June 2006

Practise makes perfect

Now I discovered that trigonometry is a little bit tricky than what I previously thought of. I'm having a little problem to solve the trigonometry identity questions...

Sin² X + Cos² X = 1
1 + Tan² X = Sec² X
1 + Cot² X = Cosec² X

These 3 formulas can really keep me occupied for some time just to get the exact answer.
I really need lots of exercise to get use to this topic. I dont really think this is the most difficult part of AddMath, I'm not so good in calculus though.

Chemistry lesson, we're having thermochem experiments today. I'm having trouble with my nose whenever I'm doing the experiments. My nose seems to be sensitive to the chemical substances. Exothermic and Endothermic, hmm....

There is still long long way to go to master all the topics. It's just about 4 months to go to the final exam.... Oh well, I've to work harder from now on, dont want to disappoint anyone that believe in me!!

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