30 June 2006


Trigonometry notes.
Trigonometry notes.

Today have 2 lessons of Add Math. I still have to improve my trigonometry homeworks. I really need more exercises. I aim to score a good marks in my Add Math in SPM!

Haniza's dancing in the class as usual. I've recorded a series of videos but too bad my cam doesnt support voice recording as well so it's just a silent video. It'll be better if can listen to her sound. Thinking whether I'll post the video here or not. Hmm....

Let me introduce 2 teachers in my school...

First, Ms Nee, my physic teacher.

Second, Mdm Chek PC, my chinese teacher.

Both are very responsible teachers, got sense of humour, at least we're not feeling bored in their class.

After school, stayback at school awhile kicking football under the afternoon sun. It's weird huh, especially me plays wearing 2 shirts. It's hot, really, but I enjoy it.

Later, follow my teacher, Ms Lim's car to her house for a small farewell party. She has resign her job as teacher to work in a friend's company, that's what she told us. The party went pretty well, though not many classmates turn out for the party. Oh Ms Lim is my class' form teacber last year so we've decided to celebrate with her. We've ordered pizza for the party.

Card for teacher
The card we made for her, thanks to my class' Yee Von. She's good in doing this, her mother was my art teacher back in primary school...

Well, wish Ms Lim will be doing a better job in her new post, also no need to be so stress compare to teaching in school. Heh

Ms Lim

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