11 June 2006

Dinner at Saujana Subang

Since the father's day is just few weeks ahead, my family decided to have a buffet dinner at the Saujana Subang restaurant to celebrate with my maternal grandfather. We went there with my aunt, on the road is quite jam, especially at the Federal Highway.

Anyway, I've weel-prepared for this meal. I didnt eat much for lunch so..... lots of capacity in my stomach!! :D

Mmm... the buffet is nice, lots of nice stuff like salmon sashimi, oyster, unagi(eel).... etc. I must say, everything I ate are heavenly. Not that I didnt eat these before but the taste is very good.

Took some pic there, but not with my camera. I'll try to repost the photos here once my cousin send the photos to me.

Oh England won Paraguay by 1-0, from an own goal. How funny.... I didnt watch the match so dont really know how's the players playing. Rooney isnt playing huh....

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