12 June 2006

Back to School

Back to school....
SMJK Chong Hwa

So today marks the end of the 2 weeks holiday. Back to school and meet with friends, good stuff. It's nice to see everyone again. :D

As what I expected, the school admin's announcement must have something to do with the World Cup, advise us not to bet/gamble the game and also dont want to affect our studies by watching the game. Hahaha.... once in every 4 years event, surely everyone(the fans) are excited for the big game.

So today teachers gave back the exam papers back. Sigh.... stil cant argue with the teacher bout Moral's marks.

+Math? Die this time.... no luck. I might get half from the full mark, grade decreased. It's weird.... I manage to do well in all the chapters I know, but then the others I've either leave it blank or stuck in the middle of the calculation. Sigh.... Not that I'm so bad in this, but really have to depends the questions. Have to work harder this term.

I'm delighted with my Chemistry marks, at least I can get around 65 or something. My Paper I manage to save my Paper II & III. Will have to keep on the good work for this subject then.

Heard the news that my former class teacher, Ms Lim GH will be resigning this month. Abit disappointed, she's such a good teacher, but she left for better purposes so wish her all the best. We're making a card today to give her later.

Kinda bored in class, especially the last few periods when the teachers are absent. Boring, having nothing to do in the class.....

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