24 May 2006

Unfortunate Event

Today I learnt that one of my friend's mother, passed away due stroke.
What make things worse is, now he's alone. His father passed away while he's stil a kid. I really sympathy with his situation.... I dunno how he'll gonna continue his life soon, we're having a major exam this year.....

I cant really believe there's such terrible scenario happening to my friend.... But anyway I'll try my best to help him if he needs help. That's a really bad experience for anyone in their life, just like in The Sims 2. When a family member died, a Sims' aspiration meter will decrease greatly, making the Sims' mood very down for a period of time.
I'm sure this is happening to my friend now.

Oh well, he's a cheerful guy, was a librarian and also Christian Fellowship's president. Let's pray for him that he'll be strong to face the challenge to continue live it on.

Condolence..... Chee Hoe. :(

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