24 May 2006

Exam XIII: Bio III & Chem III


Phew~~ Those tips are really accurate. Hahah.... another glorious victory for me!! :D

Chem III

Alas, the last paper. The tips are given so.... u know what I'll going to say, dont u?? :P

---- GAME OVER ----

13 games played.
11 victories.
2 deaths. Fatality: Add Maths & Physics

Somehow, I treat this exam like playing game. So many tips and most of the tips are accurate!! If only the real exam will be like this....

Of course I'm happy that the exam is over. After school went to play ping pong for 1 hour. Whoa, smashing the ball didnt feel so good before after the exam's over!! :D

But then I overplayed. My stomach was complaining to me, I didnt eat anything since recess.... I only drank coffee(have to drink this, ystrdy night didnt have good sleep).
The stomach stop grumbles as soon as I ate my lunch and walk to tuition centre.

During the tuition, I was told that a tragic news happened to one of my friend......

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