20 May 2006

Primay school meet secondary school

This evening I'm going to school(sec school) for a dinner to raise building fund for my primary school, Mun Yee.

The school had their first fund-raising campaign back in last century's year-end. They pledge for a new school structure, because at that time Mun Yee's having the lousiest infrastructure if compare to the other chinese primary schools, like Chong Hwa, Lee Rubber and Chian Nan. It's a reasonable reason why we want to rebuild the school.

This time's fund raising purpose is to build a new hall, which they're demolishing old school structure at this moment.
I wonder how they ask the contractor to start the work while they're stil short of money to pay the contractor?

It's ironic, when I'm Std 6(year 2002) I manage to enjoy the new school building for half year, before I graduate. I think we've some of the best infrastructure around, except we're lack of classrooms for more students.
We had a mini-hall at the basement, which is better than the old open-air basketball court(now carpark). We held most our school activities at the basement hall until now, I stil can see kids gathering at the basement hall for talks or competitions.

I dont really understand what my primary school wanted to build another hall. Even if they manage to build it, it's quite small, I doubt it's enough to fill in every students from Std 1 to Std 6.

I dont have suitbale pics of Mun Yee, I didnt think of taking the pic of the new school building, although I walk pass the school frequently. I might take my cam and take few pics of it next time.
Last year's Mun Yee gathering was a success, I manage to take 1 nice pic of the new school entrance sign.

SJK (C) Mun Yee, year 1996-2001
Primay School

SMJK Chong Hwa, year 2002-2006
SMJK Chong Hwa

This post was somehow inspired by Kenny Sia's post.

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