20 May 2006

BookFest @ Malaysia 2006

The BookFest@Malaysia 2006 will be launched next week, at KL Convention Centre. I'm looking foward to go for this bookfest, quite long time I didnt shop for books alrdy.

According to Val, she's going there with her friends next Sunday. I might join them if they dont mind.
I dont get it, why we must pay "entrance fee" for a bookfair? I've been to so many bookfairs but this is the first time I heard publics would have to pay to enter. Popular want to earn a little from us 'eh?

Something to talk about KL Convention Centre....

My parents went to the CC last year, the first event ever held in the CC. It was the wedding of the son of Tan Sri Nasiruddin, the chairman of Naza automobile company. According to my parents, it was a grand wedding as Agong, and PM attend the wedding too. Talk about aristocrats huh....

It is not hard to get there, either take LRT Putra or bus to city centre and you're there. It's within walking distance from Suria KLCC, the shopping centre. The CC is located near the KLCC Park, and it's the neighbour of Aquaria KLCC too.

Map to get there.

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