06 April 2006

What's happening this week

.... in my life. This week has been a fun and busy week for me. Spent a little time blog about it before I went off. ;)

  • First, this Monday's school assembly we sang 3 or 4 times of the national anthem, "Negaraku". Why? The principal was not satisfied with the way we present the song, so we're forced to repeat the song over and over again until the man is satisfied, but in the end he's still disappointed.

  • Next week the school admins will check our homeworks. We're forced to finish up all the homeworks within this week and pass it up. To be honest I didnt complete the homeworks, it's just too much alrdy!!

  • Wednesday morning witnessed classmates being caned by Chandran for not bringing textbook for Health lesson. Chandran is addicted to caning students, the more students he can, the harder he'll wipe his cane. Ouch!! Luckily my butt is not beaten up because I'm smart enough to hide the truth. :P

  • Had a nice game of futsal in school with juniors. Hurt myself when trying to head a ball, someone use his leg and nearly injured my neck. Thankfully I'm still ok. Scored 1 goal.

  • Met 2 ex-schoolmates while on the way back on Friday. One greeted me well, and one treat me invisible. :S

  • Looking foward this Saturday's football at Setapak Indah with friends. My cousin Lin Jie also join the game too, I'm ready for the kill tomorrow!! :D

    P/S: Congratulations to Chong Hwa brass band qualified for the band competition final!!
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