11 April 2006

Monkeys' Competition

Today's Monday, but there's no weekly assembly today because our school is organising volley-ball competition for KL zone. I dunno how many schools are participating, because we're prohibited to watch the competition at all, even though the competition is going on in the middle of the school.

Contestant from other schools are flooding into our school this morning. Many of them arent considerate, they made lots of noise and doesnt shows any respect at all. They treat our school like their own ground, can do whatever they want, especially the Malays.... shout and laugh so loud and practise the game besides our classroom.
Geee.... since when our school become a zoo? Lots of noisy monkeys from other places came and patronize the "zoo".... I'm not happy bout that. >:(

Today I'm doing my English oral test. My teacher Ms Siah prepared a bunch of questions. Ms Siah asked me the reason why independent school students dont speak English, and how to improve the English communication skills. Later she asked my family background, and also my job as the assistant monitor in the class.
Other than the English-improvement questions, I manage to answer the rest without any prob. Scored 29/30, yay!!

Today's AddMath lesson I've learnt Vector, another interesting topic. We're all too concentrate in the class, until we're 15 mins late for recess. We've forgotten the time.

Because of the volley-ball competition, many corridors and passages in the school are blocked, we've to use alternative way to move around in the school. While walking to the canteen, I've met some friends that I occasionaly meet in the school, like Val and her friends.

Chemistry lesson, today continue the chapter about redox reaction. It's good that this chapter actually recalls last year's syllables, I've almost forgotten all those chapters. Oxidation number is fun!!

Well, nothing much happen after that. Another day is almost over...

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  1. yeah...oxidation number, and redox reaction... im learning this chapter also..but of cos more deep than u lar... i need to get back the basic before i can understand further... sigh... all my f4 f5 chemistry aredi "give back" to teacher lor...kekek...