10 April 2006

Football game

Last Saturday went to Setapak Indah to play football with my mates, first time go there and gain some experience playing with them.

Although we can play in school, but we're lack of proper equipment and gears, but playing with our own team at our own ground is a great experience when you prepare yourself with the best gears, and show them the best you can do.

That day we're playing 4v4 with 1 goal, rules' a little similiar to basketball's 3v3 that requires player to take the ball out from a certain area. My team consisted 2 strikers, and 2 midfielders (both offensive and defensive).

I'm cool enough to score the first goal of the game, but later was beat up 2-1 by the opposite team before half-time. I'm lack of stamina, so it's hard for me to chase the ball across the field, the opponent's playmakers are strong.

The match ended 2-2 draw game. I'm quite satisfied as I've slide-tackled the opponent, my favourite technique on the field.

Today's Monday, but my muscle is stil pain. I didnt injured my leg, and dunno why after 2 days the muscle is stil painful.

Actually tomorrow we plan to have another game, but damn today's terrible weather made the field unplayable, so have to call off the game. Oh well.... I stil can wait til this Saturday to play again....

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