17 April 2006


Today is been a challenging for me. The challege? Homeworks!! I've got piles of homeworks yet to be done, but I decide not to think about it. Prefer study in my own way~

Today gotta bring lots of exercise books to school to pass up because the school's gonna have a "homework-checking" session soon. I have to take my textbooks out from my beg.
Because I'm not use to hold books with my hand, this morning I went to school without those 2 textbooks!! I've left the books near the entrance!!
Today I'm having AddMath and Chemistry, both are REAL IMPORTANT subjects that I cant afford to miss, arghh... but it's impossible for me rush back to my house to get the books, as I realised this when I arrived school. :(

Finally, we had our weekly assembly since 2 weeks back. Last week the activity center was occupied to host the "monkey's competition".

The Librarian presented something special today, it's called the Radio Chong Hwa, 中华炫风台. It's a radio-like program runned by the Librarian and PA system commitee during recess time. Not bad, I like the name, a good start for something fresh in Chong Hwa.

Meanwhile, the principal announced this weekend's school band competition. Sigh, he didnt mention the details of the competition, I hope someone like Ms Lee or Mdm Lau will make a clear announcement by this week, if not I'm afraid not many ppl will go for the band's competition final.

I was quite lucky, my friend brought his +Math textbook so we can share. Too bad I did a mistake when solving a question on the whiteboard. :(

I guess I'm lucky, Chemistry teacher was absent today, so no Chem for me. Luckily I didnt bring my book.

Today's English lessons might be one of the toughest for me. Was penalised for not pass up my essay book, as I was absent that day. What's worse is, we've gotto finish an essay, 4 reading programs and pass it up tomorrow!!!
My luck ran out today, the teacher asked me to submit all my books tomorrow in order to let the admin check. OMG!!!

Overall, I'm quite happy today, one of the reason is because I've got a handful of photos to let me play, here I present two samples from my "toys".... heheh.

Pics are taken from 5S5 friends....

Mixture of YiThong, Hui Xuan, Jia Hui and Foong May, the "4 sisters" in S5.
4 girls in 1

Mixture of 2 prefects, Pei Khen and Theng Tsing.
Theng Tsing + Pei Khen

All the photos above are created using collage feature in Picasa 2.

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