19 April 2006

Busy busy busy....

This time, I'm busy with my homeworks. I felt guilty for not finishing most of my homeworks in time, I tend to pass up the homework few days later, or even weeks....

Anyway, today's the installation day of the school prefects. The "old ones" will be retiring soon. The announcement of the new head prefect was a shocker to many people. I dont really think he looks like a capable leader for the prefects, but who knows? My friend, the "old" head prefect was a timid girl but she carried out her job very well. Like they say, you cant judge a book by it's cover.

Few more days to the School Band Competition Final at Dataran Merdeka. Hopefully there's supporters will go there to support our school's band. It's sad that my classmates doesnt show any interest going there to show their support. Hopefully there'll be any teacher that'll inform the students about the competition and further planning for our own school too.

For those who're interested joining Chong Hwa's supporter to Dataran Merdeka on this Saturday, here's the details:
Date & Time: Saturday, 22 Apr 06, 3.30pm
Location: Putra LRT Wangsa Maju station.

We will go there by LRT until Masjid Jamek station and walk to Dataran Merdeka. Go there earlier to grab the better seats. The competition starts at 8pm btw.

Mmmm.... in these few weeks I've collected some of the most 'attractive' girls' photo in F5. Heh, nice pic quality, good resolution. :P

I've got S2, S3, S5 & E5's pic. Heheh....

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