28 February 2006

Terrible Water Supply

Recently the water supply around Klang Valley is badly contaminated by the drainage water. The reason behind this problem is because the flood happend in Shah Alam, the flood water drained into the Selangor river.

Selangor river is one of the main water source around Klang Valley, the mixture of flood water with the domestic-use water ended up badly, the water STINKS!!!
According to the water supply authority, the decomposition matter in the flood water raises the Ammonia(NH3) level in the water. Thus, the water smell like shit & urine.... disgusting!!!

The authority claimed that they have increase the level of chlorine(Cl2) into the water supply to neutralize the Ammonia. This is why the water smell different these few days.

I am also suffering from the stinky water like anyone else. The water smell salty and stinks. Luckily my house have a water filter, so the drinking water is safe to drink and of course it's odourless!

I hope the contaminated water will be treated and we dont have to wait long until clean water supply is provided again.
In the meantime, I've came up with this chemical formula....

Water + Ammonia + Chlorine --> ?
H20 + NH3 + Cl2 --> ?

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