27 February 2006

From Sunday to Monday

Well then, finally I can rest after the hectic exams.

Sunday afternoon we had extra class both Bio and Chem tuition lessons. Mmm.... lots of classmates are missing in action, they've wasted 2 precious lessons. That's their prob though, doesnt bother me much.
Learnt about vertebrate system in Bio lesson, learnt isomer in Chem lesson, I'm now fully loaded with different knowledges!! :D

Evening went to The Palace of the Golden Horses to watch a guitar solo performance by a Mexican guitarist named Francisco Babriesca. There's alot of westerners in the auditorium, and most of them are either Mexican or Spanish(couldnt distinguish between them).
As you know, that means lots of kissing while they greet each other. I'm ok with that, but some conservative chinese doesnt like this way of greetings.

The show was hosted by the Embassy of Mexico, Selangor Institute of Music and The Mines.

The Mexican guitarist had just arrived in Malaysia, with less than 1 hour before the show begins, that's very rushed indeed, and the guitarist looks exhausted after his flight.
Francisco Babriesca was indeed a gifted guitarist, my father was awe of his ability to play the guitar with his eyes closed.

The show ended around 9.30pm. Our family was invited for a meal with Tan Sri Lee KY, the owner of The Mines. We dine in a Japanese restaurant, which serve splendid food.
Because I had my dinner earlier that evening, so I ate light; had a vege udon, tempura and green tea ice-cream.

Tan Sri Lee was kind enough to offer me a diploma course in hotel management. Haha!! Now I have an alternative choice, and hotel managing is one of the paths that interest me!! I am very happy to get this offer. Now I need not to worry about my furthur studies completing after secondary school!! :D

It was a great meal and had great conversations, we headed home at 10.30pm. I'm gonna prepare my stuff for the next day's lesson.

I'm having a horrible night getting to sleep. Maybe I drank too much green tea during the meal, which causes temporary insomnia. Arghh.... I hardly can sleep through out that night.

But then, I didnt felt tired at all when I wake up at 6am. It's weird, I really dont feel tired during the whole day!!

Today's assembly featured the opening ceremony of the Chinese Week. Well.... it's actually a series of funny performances played out on the stage. The choir was ok, but below average I guess. The drama..... looks like a bunch of fools prancing around, perhaps I'm not artistic enough to understand the drama? Sad to say but my cousin was involved in the drama.... Anyway the drama made all the students laugh out loudly(LOL).

Got back my first paper today, it was AddMath. I manage to get 26/30, I didnt answer one of the question because I've no idea what the question talks about. Anyway now I understand what Ive done wrongly, shouldnt be a prob to learn from this slight error.

During recess, Mun Hoe the president of the presidents asked me to be on duty for tomorrow's Students Union annual election. Being a F5 student, I'm reluctant to take up the duty as it was what I've done last year. I rejected his request and proceeded to do my own things.

Chemistry lesson, it's just another revision from the isomer stuff I learnt on the day before. Mmm.... 2,2-methylpropane.... etc.... that's enough to drive me craze....

I spent 2 periods writing my elocution article. Decided to write it myself so that I can remember the contents. I dislike memorizing, as I'm short of time now. Thanks to my teacher's help(Ms Siah), I've came up with something presentable, but it is still not finalized yet.

Haniza's Malay lessons have always entertaining, and I've manage to catch up on what she's talking about.

Tomorrow's going to have lots of activities, I better wake up from my playful dreams, I must control myself to play on weekends and not weekdays!! My feet are getting restless now.... I need to kick the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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