14 February 2006

The disastrous Vday

No, it's not about me and WX, but it's about the road when I'm getting back from tuition class.

Today start just like other normal days, except we have few unusual activities going on.
As you can see, today's Vday, lots of ppl prepared things to give to their "special person", including myself. Our school students do that in a very low-profile way, it's just like nothing happen at all. Hmm.... school's underground activity is getting more secret these days.

According to Bio teacher, next week we're doing an experiment which will likely to end a plant's life. Have to get the plant by next week, bouganvale(dunno how to spell), the flower looks like paper, very beautiful & popular in garden. Gotta murder a plant, felt guilty. :
I was such a coward, it was during recess time when I try to goto WX's class to give her the card. But her class is still packed with ppl, so dont wanna go inside interrupt and let others notice. I sneak into her class when she went out and place the card in her drawer. Heh....

After recess we get permission from our History teacher to take photos of us for this year's school magaz. We spent 1 period taking pictures at the school friend as I think take photo at the field is good because of the sunshine. :)
I'll process and post the pics later up, now concentrate blogging first. :P

Today after school suppose to have 3 things to do, but somehow I manage to settle things faster, thankfully.
The first was helping myself and my friend mark the attendence for the sports house practise. 4 times practise, I didnt attend even once!! Finding the teacher-in-charge can be tricky, they usually surrounded by students and couldnt find them. Quite funny to find them, like playing hide and seek.
Second was my EST extra class, but thankfully my teacher understand I've to settle many things and allow me absent for the class, haha!
Third was the table tennis practise, which is the excuse I use to avoid the house sports practise. But anyway I train with them after I had my lunch.

Tuition was quite fun today. I've manage to finsh a Malay sumamry in time, and also AddMath questions are not a threat for me this time, manage to settle the the questions without any much prob!! :D

But then.... the disastrous part of the day is about to begin. While I'm still in tuition class, there was a downpour, a serious one. My classroom is located at the top floor of the building, felt like there's waterfall above my head lol.

When my sis fetch me back at 1630, the rain is still dropping heavily. We're going to hospital to fetch my mother, few KMs away. But we're stuck in a terrible traffic jam just after we turn to the main road.
The heavy downpour up-rooted few trees, not small but big enough to block the entire 3-lane road!! This happens near the SRJK(C) Chong Hwa, very near Titiwangsa Park entrance located in Jln Pahang. There was few cars crash under the tree, 2 of them are school bus, hope the passengers, especially kids didnt suffer from too serious injuries.

The jam continues all the way to Jln Tun Razak, another busy street that was also affected by the flash flood caused by the downpour. The way to hospital was blocked, so have to wait elsewhere to fetch my mother. I manage to finish up my homework in the car while waiting for my mother.
We took highway back home, I think the toll fee is worth for the time we save to avoid stuck in the terrible traffic.

We reach home around 6.30pm, I tell u the experience of being stuck in a major traffic jam was a nightmare!!! I've taken few photos and will post it up along with the photos I took in school today.

For now.... I'm just too tired to continue write aout the news.... Read tomorrow's newspaper for more photos and extra coverage.

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