16 February 2006

2 months and 2 weeks...

.... our relationship went on. It's sad to say that I'm the fool that destroys my own plan because of my ego-ness. I shouldnt spread it out and upset her, I should've do it low-profile instead of telling others about us. Maybe that's why she's annoyed and then speak with me about it.

I was a happy guy for the past 2 months & 2 weeks since the last day of last year. Now I'm neither happy nor sad, I'm emotionless.

I am indeed a fool, I dont get what she ask me to do eventhough we speak with each other personally.
I've to admit that one of my biggest weakness is I like to tell my own secret to others, I just not good in keeping my own secret but am very good in keeping other's secret. :S

Today in school, we've made eye-contact with each other, but we're emotionless. I might not be showing any sign of continue my pursuit or give up, but that doesnt mean I'll lose her just like that!

Right now I'm rejected, but at least I've a base and left some positive thoughts on myself, I guess that might be a little advantage that I could make use of it later....

Since she ask me to concentrate more in studies, right now I've the hype to keep on study and study.

Althought she said she liked someone else, but I will continue my pursuit at the end of the year, I roughly have a plan in my head now.

I hope, that when I ask her to be my "friend" again later, she'll really consider and think of it. That time we're free from school burdens, free from limits.... but of course, havent reach the "limit" to have further "social activity"......


  1. never mind de la.. you would laugh at these when u are older. =.=

  2. erm...

    CLF, what i have to said is, u stil young!! ahha... nvmlar....this time fail aredi, next time might success ler??

    now u 2 stil frens, maybe not longer she will come to u again??

    dun be so depressed! chin up!! milly here always support u!

  3. Squall:
    Heh yea I would laugh at myself years to go. That's the reason why I blog everything in this blog, so in the future I can recall back all the memories!!

    Haha thanks for your words jie jie. Hehe time will tell right? But just scare I'm not patient enough to wait lol.