21 January 2006

Busy Friday

As I'm looking foward for Friday, this week's Friday doesnt turn up as what I thought. But anyway I'm still gain something through this Friday.

Because the president of PP sacked one of my Qiao commitee member, I had to get a replacement to settle certain things as we plan to launch the magz next week. Luckily the current editor Vv is smart and cool enough to handle things.

I found that I've keep on copying other's homework recently. Now I'm telling myself do it myself or I will not be ready for the SPM.

" The following post will be written in chinese."






我们所准备的食物是satay, rojak, keropok lekor 和 水果。祝老师强调要来个特别的宴会,因此叫了校外的食物,其中rojak是老师吩咐我找的。 :P



Principal & CLF




P/S: 雯馨和校长。


  1. You are part of your school editorial board? Not bad...

    I was the sub-editor in chief of my school's board last year. [Hahha... a lousy sub EIC] As our school really emphasize on it's image and stuff, publishing our school mag is quite a tough job. What about you?

    How come your magazines are launch so early? Is it an annual mag?

    I really love working on the school mag. Last year [Dec 2005], our school invited 14 editorial board members to a japanese buffet near Klcc and the bill turned up to be 900++. Unfortunately, I was in Taiwan. The year before us they went to Kl tower's revolving restaurant and spent 1000 over bucks. Our school really appreciates our work. I think we are really lucky to have the chance to be a part of the editorial board. What about you?

    As for SPMs, I don't think I really studied last year. I know everyone that had finish their SPM will tell you that it is very simple. However, I have to repeat the same, it is definately easier than school exams. Don't worry, even if you cramp everything on the month before SPM, you would still get good results.

    All the best,

  2. Want me beat you? so jealous.. 9 minutes...me just 30 seconds...

  3. Erin,

    Walaoeh.... our budget is only RM5/person, how can your school afford such astronomical price tag just for the food? Your school must be really, really appreciate the commitee's work.

    Yep it's an annual mag. We basically ends our articles around Aug, and then use 1 month to do the editorial stuffs.
    Most of the time we get the magz on Nov.

    Aih for now I concentrate finish my homeworks, dont want to think of SPM first. :\


    Hahaha, gambateh lar!! :D

  4. Yea.... I'm just really lucky I was an ed-board member in my school. They really appreciates us but there's lots of restriction on what we can put in the mag and what we can't put in. Lots of pressure from the school admin.

    Ya.. still early to think of SPM. But trust me, Form 5 is the best year of high school, lots of fun and memories. Good luck!