01 January 2006

Adidas VS Nike (Part I)

Both are the leading companies manufacturing football gears. This time I'll be comparing football boots.

#1 Adidas +Predator Absolute VS Nike Air Tiempo Legend


* Notes: Both are using the color gold & black. Both are schedule to release prior World Cup 2006.


#2 Adidas 7406 VS Nike Air Tiempo Legend


* Notes: Both boots are based on retro concept of football boots. Using only black and white, the only color used in boots-making during past time. Looks almost the same isnt it?


#3 Adidas F 50+ VS Nike Air Zoom Total III


* Notes: These boots are hi-tech boots at this moment. Both uses different tech and bring players up to their best performance. These boots however had different profile, but both gives the speed for players to accelerate on the pitch.
Since the color are matching, so I decide give these boots a shot!

Link: Soccer.com

1 comment:

  1. hey man those black/gold predators are sweet! In saying that they will be released before the cup, do you mean like a limited edition as they have done in the past for other predators? Wonder if it will be a worldwide color...I want them.