01 January 2006

Adidas Predator history

Names are listed from the top down to bottom....

Predator 1

Predator 2


Accelerator (1998)

Precision (2000)

Mania (2002)

Pulse (2004)

Absolute (2006)

Histories of the great football boots. The revolution of the boots starts between the 3rd and 4th generation, and after that the boots is getting better and better.

Another post I dedicated to football fans and also those who like Adidas products. :)

Link: AdiPreWeb


  1. man i havent seen the original predators in some time. the plastic on the toe was painful at times, and didnt really seem to do much. went back to some puma kings for years until the precisions came out. ive been trying to find some pictures of the older predators and you delivered...thanks

  2. I loved playn in the old preds does any knw were i can get them from apart from ebay please i want a pair despratley