04 December 2005

Primary School Gathering 2005

As what I've posted in my Friendster blog earlier, ystrdy was my primary school's annual class gathering.

Like most of the time, not everyone present, and only 17 out of 50 classmates attend the gathering, what a shame! But anyway, ystrdy's gathering was different, I think this is better than last year's failure at Sungei Wang.

At 6pm, I and another friend Chuan Boon waited friends infront of our primary school...

Primay SchoolPrimay School

After 30 mins, almost everyone are present, but I've to wait for 1 more friend to come. I actually wanted to wait for him because I'll let the others settle the BBQ fire first and when I go there we can start alrdy.

We reach our friend's house at 7pm, but we could only start BBQ around 8pm++. Err... I think we wasted alot the food, though firstly it looks delicious to eat but no one mantain the BBQ....

We are charged RM 14 for the food, and I've manage to eat 2 chicken wings, mee, and sausages. Worth the price? Definitely no!!

After eating, we chit-chat untill 10.30pm, then we went to mamak stall continue chat. Time passed so fast, it's time to go home. While waiting my father come fetch me, I got the chance to have a sneak peek at my friend's breakdance training centre. Kinda cool see those ppl twisting their body do lots of stunt. :)

They say, everyone changed, and hardly can remember each other. For me, I still can remember everyone of them, and it is great to meet them again!

Group photo

P/S: While at the mamak stall drinking, I've watched Bolton Wonderers trash Arsenal with 2 goals. Talk about bad defending by Arsenal, hahaha!!

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