05 December 2005

Going to Taiwan

I'll be away, from 6th Dec ~ 27th Dec, that is 3 weeks. I've signed up for youth-exchange-like activity organized by Taiwan embassy. The tour is called 台湾观摩团(dunno how to translate into Eng). I WILL be going by myself, with strangers.... totally different than last year's holiday in China.

But.... I'm not so satisfy with certain things about this tour.
  • 3 weeks, that's too long!! I wouldnt complain if this tour starts at the end of Nov or earlier, but when I get back here, I've only less than 1 week to settle down everything, especially new school term.

  • I planned to study in Dec, but parents insist I go for the tour this year, so..... I had to agree with them eventhough I've tried to reason with them.

  • But anyway, this looks like a cool trip though. 3 weeks over there, I'll mainly stay in a youth activity centre hosted by China Youth Corps. For 10 days, I'll be staying in ChienTan Oversea Youth Activity Centre (劍潭海外青年活動中心). That youth centre looks cool though.

    I hardly can imagine I'll be living without Internet for 3 weeks.... no e-mails, no blogs, no MSN, nothing at all.
    This is my schedule while I'm over there.
    Tw trip_1

    I just hope I wont get into trouble by losing important things, which haunted me few months ago.

    I will be arriving at Malaysia on 27 Dec, 10pm. I think I'll only reach home around 12am. After bath and settle down my stuff, I maybe will online awhile, but I'm pretty sure I'm exhausted from the flight(unless I sleep on the plane), so maybe I'll take a good rest and came online on the next day.

    I think this will be the last post for this blog before I leave, so I will miss Malaysia very much.... :(

    P/S: Not sure wheter I can get Internet access over there, though I read few activity centres DO have Internet access, but dunno is there any com for me to use 'eh?


    1. Try as hard as you can to blog from over there, you hear me?

    2. Hahaha, I will try, but if course I must get a computer over there first. :P