26 November 2005

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Ystrdy I was tidy up my room, and found my Pokemon trading cards I kept for years. Though it's been about 5 years I didnt touch these, but it's still in good shape.
My deck isnt the best out there, but I guess it's still a nice one but too bad I dont have challengers. :(

The cards has 3 grades to determine it's a Common, Uncommon, or Rare card.
Common cards will have a round shape on the bottom right corner of the card. Uncommon cards will have a diamond shape, while Rare cards will have a star.

The first rare hologram card ever introduce in the game.

This cute monster is some of my best cards. It's a very good attacking and retreat card.

Back in those days, this card's price can fetch up to RM 30 or more!! This is a tough guy, but it's quite useless in attacks and it is meant for defensive use.

My favourite card of all. This has 2 versions, unfortunately this is the more crappy one, but anyway it's still can cause damage to the opponent greatly.

This card was a promotional card I get when I signup for a TCG club. Since it's quite easy to get this promo card, the price is quite low if compare to other promo cards, which the price can fetch up to RM 50.

When I'm still crazy about this game with my friends in primary school, I bought lots of the card packs in Singapore because it's cheaper over there if compare to local price(S$ 6 VS RM 14). But I ended up with lots of crappy cards. :(

The last time I play the game was probably 2 years ago with my cousin. I traded some cards with him, so I have few new cards in my collection.


  1. muahahaha, for ages i didn't see this. stil remember those days you boys always bring that to school to play.. aiyio.. crave for it neh~! you guys plaed for a long time lor...

    unfortunately, i still don't know how it works~ -.-' deck?! just those card.. those words written there then can attack or defend ppl?

    weird. whatever lar =p sweet memory =p

  2. čo ti jebe....aj ja som našiel karty...Im founded card too:)))
    who want know how send me mail: