11 October 2005

What A Day (Part II)

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My mother came back around 6.10pm. I walked to my friend's house and reach there about 25 mins later.

I was greeted by Susan, who're waiting for my friend Yuwei who're preparing all the things at her house. Some boys had arrived, and they've prepared all the food and goodies. Well, I bring nothing but myself and my cam.

We spent about 30 mins to light up the fire. While waiting the fire is ready for BBQ, we all fool around at the playground. Other friends, including teacher, Ms Lim arrived later just when the fire is about to ready.

The fire is not enough for so many ppl to BBQ at the same time, so I asked one of my friend bring cooking oil from his house to fuel things up. The cooking oil works nicely, the fire is getting "bigger" so we can BBQ the food easily. :D


Our BBQ menu is quite simple. Chicken wing, sausage & meatballs. Mmmm.... BBQ'd meatballs taste very good!! :P
But the chicken wing I ate.... I guess it's 3/4 cooked. Luckily I didnt get diaohrea(spell like this?)


We're all happy to had this party, but too bad not all classmates join us, well probably b'coz the location is quite far away from our school.

Heh, in the end I went back with Sam's car. It's really enjoying to had such party with friends. ;)

The boys The Girls

P/S: More pics available here.

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