08 October 2005

What A Day (Part I)

Toh Wai planned a class gathering party last week, and days passed so fast & we're having the party tonight. I checked at the attendence list, well only 1/3 classmates will go for the party. I'm a little dissapointed, but luckily there is still SYTs will be going to the party. :)

I've gotten many exam papers back. Other than Chem, I guess I've improve a little in other subjects. I hope with this result, I can squeeze into Top 10 in my class. (>__<)

Ms Lim brought us to APD room for a movie. The movie is called "刮痧", a story tat talks about a chinese family living in US, where western culture do not understand eastern culture.
I must say, that is a great movie, 'coz it fires me up with some of it's scene. The message in the movie shows that there is still racial discrimination in US even in this modern age. Too bad we cant finish the whole movie 'coz bell rings before we can finish it. :(

It's a quiet day in school. PMR examinee are having a break due to Muslim's Puasa month. It's very quiet, a very good environment to study. You know, during normal schooling days, this situation is impossible.

After school, I and CW waited for the admin to pass up Qiao bulletine for her to check. Since the admin doesnt show up at her office, so we decided goto canteen to look for her. Handed over the document to her right there, job's done.

Since I'm in canteen, so I took my lunch, accompanied by friends. While we're chatting half-way, saw juniors playing football. Cant resist it, so "dumped" my friends and join them play football. Hmm.... old Nike Geo Merlin ball it's not as good as Adidas, hard to kick. :(

I had to stop playing 'coz it's raining. It's about 2.15pm that time, I went to PP room to collect my beg and leave. But....... Mun Hoe the chairman had locked the room and left. I cant get inside to get my stuff. My house key is inside my beg....
I'm like a silly fool, wasted few RMs call those key-holders. No luck for me, most of them went to somewhere out-of-reach.

Just when I'm depressed, Sun Hua shows up and I jumped on him, hit on his chin lol. He unlock the door, but my beg wasnt inside there. I looked around school compound and found my beg is placed infront of CW's PBSM room..... I was dumbfucked, 'coz I've passed by that place yet I didnt notice it.... how stupid I am. :P

Ok, so I retrieve my beg, left the school at 3.10pm with Joseph. Took bus home~

I rest for awhile, then prepare myself for tonight's party. I had to wait for my mom return before I can walk to the class gathering party....

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