02 October 2005

Saturday Sensation

Today..... is a stupid class replacement made by our principale Mr Chu. Not many students willing to goto school, 'coz exam is over alrdy.

My class is a good class, only less than 10 absents today. I heard a class only got 2 students present.....

Morning we had computer lesson. Teacher was good enough to gave us free Internet use for 1 hour!! :D
Everyone's get online, well most of'em online playing games. (-___-")
I wanna blog at school but the com I'm using abit "kek sui" with IE.

Bio lesson, Mdm Preammah discussed our exam paper for awhile. Later then I fall asleep... too tired. (~___~)

Recess time, Mun Hoe ask me get "Qiao" bulletine from Mdm Lau. Thankfully, she didnt gave any bad remarks with the bulletine, I only need to re-edit some parts, and add in other articles.

Dunno why, today PP had turned into Recycle Club. Sun Hua was incharge for clearing the store underneath the stage.
For the PP members who didnt involved in the teachers' banquet, all of them are drafted to help Sun Hua to clear the store.

The store is actually very spacious, but it STINKS & DISGUSTING!!
There's lots of papers and books stored untidily, and I bet it has been years someone rearrange and clear up the store. There's termites, rats & roaches beneath the store. Ah crap!! THE WORST PLACE IN THE SCHOOL IS ACTUALLY LOCATED AT THE CENTRE OF THE SCHOOL!! WTF!!!

I went inside the store to throw the books out to let others sort out. Nearly off-balance 'coz the book I'm stepping arent stable. Well.... my job is done not long after that.
I was forced to get myself out because of some "emergency". If not, I'll be totally embarress by that..... Well actually, my pants was torn when I stretch my leg. Lousy trousers.... (-____-")
Had to inform Sun Hua with the accident, and he let me go back to my class.

Back in the class, I dont have anything much to do, other than playing card games and chess with classmates. Want to take chance to get closer to a girl but failed, b'coz of my trousers prob... :(

Right now I stil cant believe the dirtiest place in school is actually at the middle of the school.... I've been to another crappy site during February, and the stinky smell is almost the same.... worse than SHIT!!!

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