30 September 2005

The Friday Life

Class changed drastically as the exam is finish. Everyone seems to be on the mood to enjoy. :)
Classmates chat, play chess, reading and doing other stuff. Other than giving us back our exam paper, we're enjoying our free time in the class.

F3 students are rested to prepare next week's PMR, gonna wish them lots of luck then, esp Carmen. ;)

Today was called up by Mdm Chek to finalize the design for School Magz Committee. After this time's discussion, we wont be having anything to do with the design anymore, phew~~ :)
Because of discussing the design matter, I missed 2 lessons. I didnt miss anything while I'm not in the class. I took back my EST paper, which I get A for it. :D

After the school is over, I head back home with my friend Shyn Jn 'coz we're going to KLCC hunt for Maksim's "A New World".
Damn it... Tower Records stil dont have the album yet.... <_<
But then, I get myself another CD, which is a local artist btw, cost me RM 40.

Joanne Yeoh - "Pulse of The Metropolis"

Since it's a local artist, must support her 'coz she's playing well and the music really suits my taste!! :D Both of us get the same album.

Later we continue shop around. Shyn Jn bought a puzzle which cost RM 170 for his girl, while I just mumbling over Adidas and Nike for bringing down their football boots display... arghh..

That's my day, tomorrow stil need to goto school for replacement holiday, sigh... It's been a long time I can wake up very late during Saturday mornings.... :(

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