06 September 2005

Maksim craze's back!!!

* Due network error with Blogger ystrdy, I could not online Blogger and post.

Ystrdy, I surf few sites to check out the latest album of Maksim "A New World". In the end I came up with a very satisfying result.

First, I checked Kolibre.net(formerly known as MaksimMrvica.tk). Noticed they've put up Croatian Rhapsody's piano score on their site. I'm very excited, 'coz I wanna that score since last year, and finally I get it!!! :D
I asked my father help me print out the 6 pages scores so I can try it on my piano. :D

Later, I came across this Japanese site(the official Maksim Japanese site). They've put on samples of the new album. The 1st track, New World Concerto probably my fav piece of the tracks available. 2nd track, Nostradamus was ok too, sounds like "Variations"'s(2nd album, 2004) Totentanz, but spiced up by Maksim's piano skill. :D

List of sample available:
  • Track 1, A New World
  • Track 2, Nostradamus
  • Track 6, Intermezzo
  • Track 7, Somewhere in Time/The Old Woman
  • Track 14, Chopin’s Nocturne in C sharp minor (Japan only)

    Today, I surf EMI Classics' website, and hooked out this article bout the new release of the album "A New World".

    International release: September 2005

    3 36970 0 (CD - enhanced album)

    Following the success of his first and second albums The Piano Player and Variations I & II, whose total sales top 500,000 worldwide, Croatian pianist Maksim Mrvica has recorded his third album for EMI Classics. Entitled A New World, Maksim’s new recording sees him reuniting with composer and producer Tonci Huljic, with whom he has been working from the start of his recording career. The pair have built up a very strong and successful relationship that has become a sales award-winning combination, creating music that speaks to audiences across the globe.

    A New World features a variety of tracks transcribed for piano, ranging from the romantic melodies Somewhere in Time and Deborah’s Theme, to energetic pieces such as Nostradamus and Mojito and then to popular classical pieces including The Flower Duet, Ride of the Valkyries, Intermezzo and an arrangement of Dvorák’s ‘New World’ Symphony. All performed with Maksim’s captivating energy and delicate skill, this programme is sure to follow in the footsteps of those on his previous albums, winning followers everywhere. Working on this album with Maksim has been a team of top producers, including Abbey Road’s Jonathan Allen, who has worked with some of the classical world’s top names, including the legendary artists, pianist Martha Argerich and tenor Plácido Domingo.

    Maksim’s very first album Gestures featured contemporary Croatian piano pieces and this became one of the fastest-selling recordings ever to be released in his home country, winning four Porin (Croatian Grammies), including one for Best Classical album. He went on to make his debut album The Piano Player on EMI Classics, released world-wide in June 2003, which achieved Double Platinum status in Hong Kong, Platinum in Taiwan, Singapore and Croatia and Gold status in Malaysia, Indonesia and China. His album Variations was released internationally in September last year and is quickly following suit.

    In April this year Maksim made a highly acclaimed tour of Japan with The Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Critics declared his performances as those of the best pianist since Liszt. So successful was the tour, that Maksim has been invited to perform on the orchestra’s six-country Asian tour in spring 2006.

    Maksim said: "I’ve been completely taken aback by how younger international audiences have responded so enthusiastically to my music. My ambition was always to bring my love of classical music to others through both live performances and recordings and does suddenly feel as if my dream is coming true."

    Theo Lap, Vice-President of A&R and International Marketing at EMI Classics said: "Maksim is a dynamic and inventive musical personality. We respect the commitment and dedication he has brought to both ‘The Piano Player’ and ‘Variations’ and look forward to continued success with his forthcoming release."

    Although I'm happy to know much more about the album, but I think I'll only get the album somewhere during Oct. I get my "Variations" last year Oct too.
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