18 August 2005

Worth The Sacrifice?

Morning, I was woke up by sis 15 mins before my usual time I wake up. What to do? Had to get my butt off the bed and prepare for school in a sleepy mood. ~___~

Today I was suppose to goto PetroSains with friends of Science Club. The visit is from 11am til 4pm, but it clashed with my schedule. I'm having tuition today and having an appointment with Carmen today. :P

Finally, I'm officially done with my SRM assignment. Now what I have to do is wait for the publishment of the school magz, and then claim money from the teacher what I deserve to get paid. :P

Mdm Soong gathered all F4-F6 students at the field behind today, to brief us about the "cross-country running" activity we gonna have tomorrow. Well I've been to such event before, no big deal. But after 5 mins, the sky's "crying", forcing the assembly to end and all of us run back to our classes.

Well, first 4 lessons' teachers are away, so we've lots of times to do lots of stuff and enjoy alot in the class. I finish read another Readers' Digest. A great book to kill time, but too bad I finish it too fast. Too bad, but strangely I think that I can read faster than before currently. Books I'm interested usually only be with me few days, and then I've done reading it. A good sign for me. :D

Today we're having Phyz experiment at the lab. We occasionally went to lab for Phyz lessons, so this time I wont miss it.
Well.... the experiments are quite simple, nothing pretty much going on. Cant remember what the theory of the experiment called. It's raining outside, the weather and the light look just fine to sleep...... ZzzZzZZZZZ....

We headed to our Bio lesson. I'm the only one in the class who brings in tuition note to study instead of bringing Bio textbook. Teacher didnt notice it, but I think she wont mind me doing this. :P
Stil.... the weather makes me wanna sleep, but cant sleep in the lab as teacher's able to see all of us from her place. Very embaressing if let he called up. :S
Mdm Soong made an urgent announcement about the cancel of tomorrow's cross-country run due to bad weather condition(rainy weather + haze). Tomorrow need to get back to school as usual. :
M.Math lesson doesnt have any excitment, just copy notes and I was given my class' final exam time table. OMFG!!! the final exam is set on the 19th of Sept til 29th Sept!!!
CRAP!! Looks like this coming Aug holiday I'll spent most of the time doing revision, had to control myself now from being infront of com. (>___<)

End of lesson, I headed to PP room. Waited Carmen for awhile but she havent turn up. We met each other very soon, and we did our own things first before going to library to discuss about Geo.
While explaining the subject, I found out that I'm a little nervous to teach her in Geo, and we've a gap between our Geo knowledge. Our syllables are different than each others. Her new version teaches more on general knowledge and facts, while I learn maps and locations of places around the world. She rarely go thru map, so she's in trouble of noticing places I mentioned. If compare my old syllables to her's, I think my old syllables is more interesting to learn, eventhough it's harder than the new syllables.
We finish our discussion about 2pm. I'd my lunch later on.

Walked to tuition later on, lucky the rain stopped. Still kinda tired today, and the temperature in the tuition class is just the perfect temperature to fall asleep..... Zzzz.... I didnt fall asleep at the Add Math lesson, but later I was getting sleepy and sleepier and eyes closed. Was called by the teacher, but stil cant resist my sleep bug to fall asleep again. Luckily I didnt miss any part of the lesson, as I felt asleep when the teacher ask us to do exercise.

My father fetch me back from tuition today, as KY them went to PetroSains. I'll get things short what happend next. Went to Sri Rampai to get my sis' laptop, then buy dinner at the night market(pasar malam), lots of delicious food.... and so on.

Currently I still wondering, I sacrificed the chance to goto PetroSains with friends just because I'd an appointment with Carmen. The appointment wasnt as good as what I expected, but it's stil ok. I'm a little regret I didnt join them went to PetroSains earlier, as tomorrow I'm going to school, I can teach Carmen Geo tomorrow instead of today. :Oh well, if I regret now also useless, everything had passed, time is not turning back again. Sigh...

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