17 August 2005

Laughing Gas and Pepper Strike

Wednesday can be an interesting day, and it can be a boring day for me. Well for today's case... both is kinda mixed up.

Early in morning went to meet my "boss" Mdm Chek to pass her the final divider. She is not satisfy with the divider I gave her, and she ask me find summore if I can. Then later I goto Carmen's class to check what she's up to. As I know she's having Math exam today, she's looking good and no fear bout the paper. :)

Modern Math and Eng lesson was boring.......... dreadful is what I describe the lessons.

After recess, the DREADFUL BM lesson. First, the teacher A. Shukri looks like he's giving us back our test paper. Then, he asked us to take out pencil or red pen, and ask us to mark the paper for our own classmates. Most of us are dumbfucked, [WTF] bubble is floating above our heads. I couldnt believe he's so lazy, the exam had ended 1 month ago and now he havent mark our paper yet. I wonders what he's doing in the school, didnt came into our class, late, talk rubbish.... etc. Sigh....
But anyhow, we did manage to mark all the papers, but he havent return us the papers. Damn him!!
After we've marked the paper, we've free time to do our own things. I'm reading jokes from a Readers' Digest. I laughed at some of those jokes 'coz it's hillarious!! Dunno why.... today I laughed energeticly.

Mdm Phoon was late for Add Math lesson. She only teach about 10 mins before the bell rings and we went to Chem lab.

In the Chem lab, I sneezed badly, couldnt concentrate at the first part of today's experiment, which we neutralize acid and alkaline to get the salt. The experiment was fun, eventhough we didnt succeed after all.

Lunchtime, watching 4S4 & 4S5 classmates having fun with party sprays playing with each other. I was lucky enough not become one of their victim. They're celebrating someone's birthday, and they did it in a very outrageous method.

Before I went home, someone offered me to join Science Club to PetroScience tomorrow. I promised, but then I've forgotten tomorrow after school I'd appointment with someone, and I stil need to goto tuition..... Ah well... :\

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