27 August 2005

Blogging from M$ Word

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Blogger for Word

Now you can use Blogger from within Microsoft Word with our free Blogger for Word add-on.
– Biz [8/17/2005 10:16:00 AM]

I've tried blogging thru that add-on, and it's very very cool!!
They'll convert plin text u typed in M$ Word into HTML format and then publish it on ur blog!! It's just simple!! Especially when you're offline and need to blog, save it in normal M$ Word doc and then when you can online, just click Publish!! As simple as that!! :D

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P/S: Maybe some bloggers doesnt notice this as the news is located at the botomn of Blogger Dashboard, so I decide to blog this in case other bloggers didnt notice it.

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  1. its cool rite? im pretty much loving it! IMHO, its better than w.bloggar.