26 May 2005

What the FUCK!!! DUH!!

I'm currently writing this blog from cyber cafe.... :(

My com broke down on Tuesday(24 May).
That day I was listening to music, everything is going smooth, as usual.
But suddently my com auto-shut off, for no reason at all. :(

I'm panic, 'coz I dunno what's the prob and then the other com broke down awhile ago due to system corruption. So I basicly dont have computer to use. ;(

I'm going to send my com to workshop today evening, hopefully they could fix it ASAP!

Other than that, I'm also unlucky with something else.

Today is my school's Teachers' Day celebration. I brought my digi cam planning to shot some pics. I've brought extra batteries too.

I run from place to place. And suddently I realized that one of the spare batteries is missing. :(
I searched nearly the whole ground in the school. But I couldnt find it.... :(
Sigh.... there goes another annoying memory in my mind.....

I'll blog everything I've experience lately once my com is fixed. I've wrote blog post for past few days in my personal journal. I'm not used to a day without a blog post. I'm probably addicted to blogging. :(

Sorry for those who're looking foward to my blog. Thank you and I'm sorry for things caused.


  1. ouch..so poor boy..lost digi cam battery and somemore looking whole school for it..But stil can't find it.

    somemore PC broke down..2PC aso down, need send to PC shop to fix..Every PC RM50 = 2*50 = RM100..lost RM100 a day jus to fix it..CLF, I help u fix it la..cheaper abit..RM30per pc..wan ar??

    Hope u can blog soon..waiting for it

  2. blame it on the dark side!!!