10 May 2005

Sweetener in my mind 2

Few momments ago I phoned Huey Jiun. She was sleeping that time and I dunno. Her sound is halkf-awake and half-asleep when she pick up the phone. I notice I'm calling at the wrong time, so I quickly ask her Sej tips for tomorrow. Well at least she's kind enough to gimme everything about Sej.
She tells me something really "proud" of her class. I promised her not to tell it out, eventhough many F4 knows alrdy.

My 2 precious Maksim's CD is still on her hand right now.... I'm glad she didnt spoil it. :P


  1. super cheat is it?
    except my dd,kah eng..all also cheat!!!
    semua curi tengok one..
    even my friend also..bla bla bla..
    i see wrong already ..
    my class also got people cheat!!!

  2. Not everyone cheat, but most of them cheated. I know afew of them didnt cheat.

  3. Goh Kah Eng is the one!!! ^^..
    another all also cheat one..
    cheat my money..
    cheat my feeling..
    cheat my friends..
    another all cheat in exam!!!