10 May 2005

Exam, Day 2, 10 May 05

Those Eng essay leaked questions were out today. Meh.... I dunno why but today I dont really had the mood to write properly. I wrote the title "My Fav Teacher", and write rubbish all the way 'til the 2nd page.

Bio is what I really concern today, after ystrdy's tuition class. The teacher spoted afew questions for us, so ystrdy had to continue revision everything.
Well, Bio paper wasnt that hard, I think it's quite ok for me. It's easier than I expected. :D

Tomorrow having EST and Sej. I wont bother EST, 'coz I dunno what to study and I'm quite good alrdy. :D
Sej..... arghh.... Islam Islam Islam... Madinah Makkah..... bla bla bla... Nabi ini itu.... ARGHH!!!!!!!!

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