17 May 2005

Rhapsody of CLF lite

I've talk about setting up a "lite" version of this blog earlier this month(or last month?). Now I'm start working a little bit with the blog.

Rhapsody of CLF lite

It's a 56k-friendly blog. I do this so that 56k users can easily read my blog.

Squall suggested me to use Feed(Atom/RSS) 'coz it's easier. It's a good idea, but I'm afraid not everyone knows about RSS feed.
But it's still a good try with it.
My feed:
Feed Burner: Rhapsody of CLF
It's a simple version of this blog's content, and I guess it loads faster than loading this blog 'coz I've put in lots of fancy stuff in here, and I'm lazy to clear it off. :P
Perhaps I'll clear it once I'm free to rearrange my sidebar(very messy, I know).

I guess I'll put it up this weekend, 'coz after that I'm very free. :)

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