18 May 2005

Exam Day 8, 18 May 05

Hmm... English paper II was harder than I thought. Lots of things to do, but still manage to cope everything off.

Thankfully, Add Math isnt that hard as I thought, but yet it's quite hard for me. I've not enough time to complete all the questions. Mainly is b'coz I'm nervous and rush. I spent too many times to calculate small figures, like factor. But overall I'm quite satisfy and I guess I wont fail this paper. :)

Tomorrow got PJK(a stupid subject just like Moral) and Phyz. Planning to use the time before PJK test to read Phyz, then in tuition revise Chem for Friday's last paper.


Today nothing much happens... really.... just a dull day with exam. Didnt goto anywhere today(other than canteen and toilet). Hmm....

Yet another boring day of my life. :
Nightingale - Yanni.

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