29 May 2005

Last Day of The Beginning

27 May 05, Friday. 11.40pm

I brought my cam to school todaysssss. I'm planning to take photos of our chem teacher, Ms Chin, who's teaching us for the last day, and also chinese debate final.

I'm happy 'coz I manage to get a good result for my moral paper. 'B' is a good result for me 'coz I've failed in monthly test back in March.

Chem period we stay inside our class. We presented Ms Chin presents. Some "illegal"(illegal, those who bring their cam phone to school) & myself caught photos of Ms Chin. For the photos, visitg my class's blog.
After recess we're set off for the debate final.
F4 pros VS F5 elites, that's what I thought.
F4 did well, but they were countered by F5s afew times. At least the process isnt so boring after all.
Later after the final, there was a "freestyle debate". There's no judges right there, so they can talk whatever they wanted.
Everyone is enjoying it, it's hillarious!

The verdict announced after the "freestyle debate". Sun Hua won the best debatian award, but in the end F5 team won the whole final.

I noticed not much ppl stay back after school. Basketball field were empty. Usually it's quickly occupied by students.
While I'm in PP room, Toh Wai asked me to join fellow classmates celebrate Ms Chin's farewell in KFC, Genting Klang. Firstly I reject it, but thinking I've nothing to do even I go back early, so I agrees to join them, and they need a camera man too. :P

Too bad, only 1/3 of the classmates were present.
Ms Chin sponsored us RM 50 and we've bought cake for teacher.
I'd free lunch there. I ate 2 pieces of chicken and 1 potato wedges 'coz I'm hungry after football game I played earlier.

The party was crazes, with the present of Ming Hong. They'd bought party tools, mainly those ribbon sprays.... etc. Ms Chin of course is our victim.s
We're playing even crazier when we send Ms Chin back to her car. Now we not only play with Ms Chin, but we turn on with each other. Toh Wai, Hui Fen, Pui Teng were enjoying their time being sprayed.

So then, that calls off for the last day of 1st semester. Now we F4 understands more and improved in our future. So for the past few months it's been kick start for us. 2 weeks later we'll be back to school, as a new start once again.s

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