09 April 2005

Sports Day

Went to school earlier than usual, to go to SK Tmn Melati with fellow PP'ers.

The field over there are so big, twice the size of my school's field.
SK Tmn Melati is a very new school, it shares the field with SMK Tmn Melati, which is just over the field. The view from the center of the field was great, nearby I could notice TAR College's building.

We prepares ourselves just momments we reach there. Wait for about 15 mins, then the ceremony begins.
Aikz.... I admit I've done some mistakes half-way, 'coz I cant hear the command clearly, eventhough CW is standing very near.
Luckily today the weather were fine for everything. Cloudy, but no rain.
After the perbarisan, we all rest for the rest of the period.

Our AJKs supplied lots of things to eat. Bread, snacks... etc. I dunno why I ate alot that time, eventhough I had breakfast earlier. Heh, I notice not myself only eat so much, or else I very pai seh. (^___^")

Saw a bad-ass junior trying to sneak out from a broken fence. A fre junior prefects tried to stop him, but in the end they chase each others like Tom and Jerry. I asked Kah Eng to alert Pn Soong, but dunno why he like so scare to tell Pn Soong about it.

All of us gather in the middle of the field when the closing ceremony is drivin' nearer.
Watched cheerleading group's performance, and then teachers' friendly game.
Then only after that headmaster gave final speech and we sang our school's closing anthem, "I Love Chong Hwa".
Btw, this year green house was the all-rounder champion, while the cadet polic won the kawat competition. Oh well.... but then we're happy 'coz we no longer need to stay back to practise kawat kaki anymore. :D

Walked to Tmn Melati LRT station myself, saw fellow CC-freak friends are taking taxi to T-Bun cc. I shouted them, but the taxi just drive away~ Oh well, I'd to get to Desa Setapak all by myself.

RM 0.70 ride from Tmn Melati LRT - Wangsa Maju LRT.
Bought 2 graphic material disc there, gonna claim back RM 10 from SRM next week.
I walk back to my house from Desa Setapak after I bought my lunch there.

Oh well, gonna rest awhile, later tonight going to watch school band's competition final in Dataran Merdeka.
For those who're interested to go, the time is 8pm, and everyone from ChongHwa please wear RED color shirts go!!!

Almost A Whisper - Yanni.

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