10 April 2005

The sad night for ChongHwa school band.

The story starts with....

Me get into a taxi in Wangsa Maju Sec.4 market, the driver ask me wheter I wanna pay a fixed price at RM 5. I said follow the meter, so there he goes. From my place to Danau Kota dont need RM 5 so expensive, DUH!!
If it wasnt the damned Jln Genting Klang - Danau Kota traffic light, I can save afew cents alrdy. Paid RM 4.70 to the driver, and then walk to CW's house. I'm following his family car goto Dataran Merdeka there.
We fetch FeiWen, and on the way to her house is very confusing.

We reach there about 7pm, Fong & HuiJiun arrived. Our school's supporters this time are so damn hot, many supporters are in red. We waited awhile and then saw our school band came out practising. We cheer for them, and between the time the competition begins, we "exchanged" differnt chants and taunts with them. I shouted untill my throat cant shout anymore.
And I noticed in the supporters who came to support are mostly F5 students. F4 students not as active as them, though some do shows up like me and my friends.

School band practising.
School band practising

The seat over there arent comfortable. My butt are suffering all the way there. :(
Dunno why other school does have gays~ in their group. We taunted "Yan Yiu"(homo) when those gay chants. Kinda funny and sarcastic though. We're the only chinese school over there tonight.

First performance by St John.... not so interesting..... their songs are like chinese funeral songs in FeiWen's opinion. I was really ROFLMAO when I heard that. But seriously, it DOES sounds like a dead song.... LOL!!!

2nd band was..... err.... I cant really remember which school, but anyway it's better than St John.

Before our school band could show up, they're having KRS(Kadet Remaja Sekolah) kawat berirama(styled marching). First team shows up was SMK Raja Abdullah. Sux.... gayish, long and sux performance. Oh well.... had to wait for 20 mins for their monkey-like performance.
Jk.... I know I cant do as good as them, and I admit I'm even worse than them. :(

Finally our school band's turn. Our band was in our 2nd band uniform this time. Very plain if compare to other school's fantastic design.
Our performance goes well, but we're lack of CREATIVITY, and we dont have any outstanding performance compare to the other school.

ChongHwa school band in action.
School band in action

After that the competition followed by another school's KRS kawat competition. IMO this is the best one in the three schools competing. Cant remember which school they are, either SMK Titiwangsa or SMK Tmn Tun Dr Ismail.

I've nothing much to say about the 4th band, although they're outstanding, and I've forgotten which school they come from.

Final school was Convent Bkt Nenas. Suprisingly, their drum major dropped the mace at the few momments when their band begins.

While waiting for the result, some kids below 12 performed, while the school bands are preparing to march out.

KRS of SMK Tmn Tun Dr Ismail won the KRS kawat kaki competition....
Later they are giving out the best drum major award. Sun Hua didnt won it this time 'coz the other dude from St John(not so sure) is better than him.
Here's the standing of the school band competition....

1st - Victoria Institute
2nd - St John
3rd - Convent Bkt Nenas

Our school lost..... without any award/prize. Everyone in the school band looks down.... very down. They didnt even move themselves when the other bands had disband.

Many of us CH supporters went to backstange to meetup with our fellow band schoolmates. We met with Ms Lee, Pn Quah and Pn Lau, and Ms Lee thank us for the support.

Besides, many school band members are crying sadly. All their hardwork pay off nothing. MG was one of the sad one. I saw her cry out so sadly... oh well... also no mood alrdy.
Ing and Sun Hua looks cool and calm. Ing didnt say anything, she just kept her head low. I wanted to talk to her but I'm stucked. Sun Hua still can smile to us, though I think he's very dissapointed to lost without getting any prize/award.

I followed CW's car back, followed by HuiJiun.
I stopped at my primary school MunYee to follow my father back.
Thanks CW's family for the ride anyway. :)

Thought we'd lost this time, but we still could improve next year, hopefully we could get a silverware in next year's competition.


Next Tuesday during the assembly we sure had a long talk by Ms Lee.... oh well. I know she wont be too harsh after this defeat, she looks satisfied.... and the group are very sad.
There's still next time.... when the descendant of the dragon will RISE again!!!

Anyway here's an interesting pic to be shared.
Interesting T-shirt.

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  1. u was sitting on tat nite, while i was standing on the tiang. How come ur butt was suffering, i bet my legs were more suffered than urs.