27 April 2005


Tomorrow is the big day, the election day of PP. I'm getting little nervous here. I think we'd prepared our speech for tomorrow nicely, and we're getting on the pitch for tomorrow's presentation.

Other than that, I'm getting nervous for the coming exam too. :It'll starts on the 9th of May, and ends on the 20th May.

I heard recently my schoolmates are suffering from denggi, hope they can recover ASAP, dont let the little mosquito beats you down. ;)

It wasnt a good news for me when downpour hits my school. I'd to go back later. :(

Now I'm concerning on who'll be the 3 presidents of PP.
The result will be announce on the Friday.

IMO, Mun Hoe and Sun Hua have the reputation of being the 2 presidents(pengerusi & timbalan), while the post of naib pengerusi will be the last prey of the other 5 of us.
I thinks, Yong Shiung and Kim Hui stand not much chances, while me, Toh Wai and Kian Meng might be the person who can get the post.
My classmates ask me to win 'coz they dont want a person like Toh Wai rules PP. :S
Oh well, everyone has their own rights to voice out their words. (TohWai if u reading this, pls dont mind it.)

Final showdown..... hope I can become 1 of those 3 dudes there. :)

The Bridge of Khazad Dum - Howard Shore, LOTR.

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