28 April 2005

Persatuan Pelajar Election 2005

At last we've put out with something presentative today, well this is our last day of the election campaign.

Currently Mun Hoe and Sun Hua are "booked" to be the 2 president post. Now left me, Toh Wai and Kian Meng getting the last one. Hmm.... although some says I stand better chance, but I doubt it, Toh Wai and Kian Meng are putting out good performance too. :
I dont really care about the results, I just take this as an experience, although it's not as fun as I though.

I think b'coz of this election, we F4 PP members are more cooperative with each other. We manage to finish things off quickly if we all help each others. This is a positive sign. Hope current "old" AJKs will be happy 'bout that. :)

Tomorrow they'll announce the result out. Hopefully they dont fool us by not announcing the result tomorrow. :S

Time After Time - Kuraki Mai.

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