05 April 2005

Oh wow....

Finally passed up my Bio PEKA report and passed my oral test. Now at last I can relax abit.

Ms Phoon wont be available for 2 weeks time for kursus. So we're 2 weeks without our AddMath class.

Today all marching squad(pasukan kawat) are having raptai in our school field.
We(PP) however seems to be fine with the kawat, much more better during normal training. We practised the whole process 2 times, and Ms Lee seems to be happy with the practise.

Went to check SRM room's computer, found out 2 hardware probs. We're going to replace the floppy disk and printer.
Today's meeting with the publisher was ok, he's friendly enough to explain everything to us, and guide us. He demands the design from high DPI(more than 300) pictures. We had to work out for the layouts again, by the deadline 15 April. :S

Went to had lunch after the meeting. Bump into Ing, asked her she had her lunch alrdy. She says no, firstly I thought I can had a chance to eat with her. But oh well, she's sitting with her school band friends. I eat alone.

Went to kawat practise soon after that. We're deformed, everything went downhill. CW as the commander was upset yet dissapointed with us.
Some of them are pissed, esp Kian Meng 'coz he's going to tuition. Eugene give him the permission to leave, but in a very tense situation. :(

Anyway, current PP AJKs are asking us F4 members to submit our info days later, for interview purposes. We're going to had personal interview with the AJKs next week, to select who're suitable to join the election campaign. Woohoo~~
I've planned to be in the same team with SunHua. I think he's a good ally, though he sometimes had conflicts with others.

Hopefully Students Union wont become Seperated Union then. (>__<)

The BEST friend can be the WORST enemy.....

Kakumei - DDR MAX2.

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  1. Haha, wish you luck in the campaign. Student Union won't turn into Seperated Union one la... don't worry.