04 April 2005


Firstly was pissed by PP AJK's decision on the kawat practise. They want all of us to stayback at school to practise untill 3pm. I was really unhappy about that. In the end they gave me some better answer..... leave the practise earlier.

Bio PEKA was funny.... we spent 50% collection 5ml of saliva. Eeww......... disgusting..... Thankfully, Pn Preammah let us pass up the report tomorrow. Phew.... at least I still got summore time to prepare it. :D

We didnt had recess break due to the PEKA Bio. I sneak in my class a sandwitch and eat it inside class while teacher is talking... wakakakakaka......

Santhi is back in EST class..... EST class not so bad after all, today's letter-writting was fun. :D

I'm suprise when I'm allow to leave earlier in the marching practise. Didnt miss my tuition class, YAY!! XD
About 10 mins in the formation, then get my ass out of the group.... lol....
Well I also know the basics quite ok alrdy, so no sweat. ;)

Today's Chem and Pyhz as usual, I felt asleep during the class.... oh well. :S
At least I still learn something out of it. :D

The Legendary Beast - Nobuo Uematsu.


  1. wah! Chem class also can fell asleep? so boring meh?

  2. Chem class sometimes is like that lor.... even though I like it. :S
    It depends on the teacher, some teacher teach wont sleep, but some do. :(