07 April 2005

Net prob.

Continued from ystrdy's sad news. Today's line wasnt that stable, but it's better than cant online at all. TMnet's latest news explains the prob all of us users are suffering lately. Oh well, hope they can recover the whole system ASAP. (>_<)

Today was a day I had lots of laughter.

We are not having kawat raptai this morning due bad weather. We had to get back to our own class to study. Most of us didnt bring books for those periods, so we study empty-handed.

Was joking all the way with fellow classmates. Teased MunNing over and over again, entertaining. :D
She seems to be ok with those jokes, but she turns up to me after a series of jokes on her.
Today Ing came into my class twice, makes me shocked, but I tried to ignore her. MingHong said something at the wrong time. Before leaving my class, she(Ing) grinz towards me. Oh well... must be hinting me tell my friend to shut up. :S

After school, all F4 PP members gathered infront of PP room, to meet with new juniors of PP. I havent meet with my junior yet, so dunno got what comment. So many girls joined PP this time.

Kawat practise 'til 3pm then I'm off to tuition centre.
Mr Goh is pumping laughing gas to us as usual, with his X-rated jokes again. Those jokes are still acceptable.

Dunno what's gonna up to tomorrow..... heheheh....

Requiem For A Dream.

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