06 April 2005

Day with Streamyx prob

*Note: Althought I'm unable to online ystrdy, so I'll post this with ystrdy's date.

2nd time dc'd today, due Strmyx prob. First one was solved... but then this time the damn'd DSL light is blinking hell. All operators are busy when I'm trying to call them, hopefully this the port's fault, and not mine. If it's my own fault, I wonders how can I solve it. :S
Arghh........ wasted hours just to solve Strmyx prob. Damn it!!!

Something happens in school today.....

Seriously today I only had 1 class, M.Math.
Santhi continues her Eng oral test, while the rest of us are doing our own stuff.
Later I went out from classroom for the kawat raptai after recess. Something interesting happens during the recess time in PP room.

CW was delighted by the presents fellow friends gave him. A nice watch, and a humourous pack of maggi mee to tease him off. He's happy today, I knew it.

Being fooled by Ms Lee when I was informed that she's not in school today. I notice she's absent during today's kawat raptai. Fooled around 'til 2.10pm when I decide to leave the library.
Met with JoShua, and we discussed SRM thing in SRM room 'til 3pm. Notice CW left, else I'll be calling him to the discussion together.

Currently writting this post in offline mood. WTF!

MegaMan X4 theme.

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