28 March 2005

Usual day at school.

Nothing much to talk about.... just sports contestants and PBSM are away from school to join sports competition knockout group in a school near Tmn Melati.

Ms Lee praised the school band for qualified themselves into the school band competition finalist. Meh.... listening to her crap-talks about 10 mins. At least this week she'll be in a better mood, not as bad as last week.

Computer teacher ask me to join a com quiz competition held by NSW University, and ask me to call on some other friends to join the quiz. Looks interesting.... I decide to take part in this competition. :D

Bio teacher Mdm Preammah explained about our 1st PEKA for Bio. It's just like another usual experiment, but we must do it seriously this time. We're going to start the experiment by next week.

Chandran didnt came into the class today 'coz he's in charge of sports competition. I had a great time chatting with those girls sitting nearby. Sigh...... I wish I could talk to Ing like talking to them.... entertaining.

We arent having our EST class today 'coz Mdm Santhi is not around in school today. Oh yeah... at least I'd some free time wondering in school before walk to tuition centre.

I walk to tuition centre earlier as usual, 'coz it looks it's gonna rain.
WTF..... the rain drops heavily as I walk to the tuition centre. I end up having myself wet, but not too wet.
Today's class are quite entertaining, changed Chem teacher, and lots of jokes to be laugh.

Sigh..... I still have many unfinish works to do, and this weekend I wont be here in KL 'coz I'm going back to Penang 扫墓。Oh well.... once a year's activity.

Meditation - Yanni.

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