28 March 2005

Upcoming events for myself....

This weekend Saturday night, I'll be travelling back to Penang to fullfil one of chinese' tradition, that is pay tribute and respect to our ancestors, called 清明。
Gonna stay in my uncle's house there for 1 night, then goes to the cemetary the next day, which is Sunday. I'll be back in KL at Sunday midnight.
Hopefully my school does have extra holiday for this tradition occasion, well back in primary school we usually have such holiday.

Next Saturday(9 April) morning my school is going to have sports day in a school near Tmn Melati. Luckily it's not so far from my place.... can go there much much more easier than previous years.

Same date evening, my school band will be performing in Dataran Merdeka for the school band competition final.
I'm interested to go watch the performance, but I wonders who'll be following me go there. Mostly I'll hook up with my friend CW. Just dunno he that day want to go and the transportation probs. Hmm.....

Maybe I'm A Lion - Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy VIII.

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